PSE is authorized by the FCC for Part 68 testing and approval of telecom devices that will be used or sold in the United States.  The scope of our authorization revolves around our expertise in testing analog telecom devices.  We provide telecom testing in the same location that all EMC and Safety work is performed.  In the event of a non-conformance issue that may affect more than one area of compliance (safety, EMC, telecom), PSE engineers can easily conference and discuss the implications.  With this unity of service PSE is able to circumvent potential conflicts that may delay a product's overall path to total compliance in all three arenas.


For Canadian approval, PSE is authorized by Industry Canada for testing to the CS-03 requirement.  The Canadian telecom requirements are now harmonized with the FCC's Part 68 rules, but a separate submittal to Industry Canada is still required in order for a manufacturer to attain formal approval.  We are happy to provide the harmonized testing for both markets in parallel, assemble the necessary paperwork and walk the submittal through the Agency system, minimizing chances for agency rejection or processing delays.

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