The PSE Safety Lab, which is located along side our EMC facility just outside of Tampa, is a state-of-the-art, custom designed turn-key facility.  With over 14 years experience at our previous location, the PSE engineering staff knew exactly what would be needed in a custom facility to serve our clientele in a prompt, reliable manner.  PSE offers our clients a full palette of testing services at a single location.  Our facility and engineers are audited by the World's most respected agencies and our data is accepted worldwide.


PSE has extensive experience and specific accreditations for testing all of the following:

  • Information Technology Equipment

  • Laboratory, Test & Measurement Equipment

  • Kiosks

  • Power Supplies

Some of the other common safety tests which PSE may provide on-site include:

  • High Pot

  • Insulation resistance

  • Ground continuity

  • Abnormal

  • Single fault conditions

  • Heat / Flammability

  • Humidity

  • Creapage and clearance distances

  • Live part accessibility (finger probe)

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