"The million dollar test facility at the end of the dirt road."  


Emissions testing involves the measurement of radiated and conducted RF energy generated by an  electrical apparatus.  In almost all markets, permissible electromagnetic energy is limited to a defined level.  Products that intentionally transmit RF energy often require formal certification by a National authority, while most other electronic devices must meet a general limit for unintentional RF noise.

Product Safety Engineering (PSE) maintains two open area test sites(OATS) for emissions testing, one used primarily for diagnostic and engineering work while the second is dedicated to formal testing.  Open area testing is still the preferred method by agencies worldwide.  Unfortunately unwanted RF signals (ambient noise) from outside sources such as TV stations or "downtown city" noise can hinder the efficiency of an OATS.  PSE overcame this hurdle by constructing our custom test site on over 125 acres of land far from any significant sources of noise.  Located amidst the cow pastures and orange groves of central Florida between Tampa and Orlando, PSE maintains a premium location for open area 3 to 30 meter RF testing.  


It is not uncommon for a product to exceed the limits for unintentional emissions.  In some cases the non-conformance can be overcome with very simple modification, while other devices may require a significant re-design.  In all cases, the expert engineering team at PSE can help.  Many of our clients have commented on the importance of a trusting, long-term relationship with an expert emissions engineer who can assist them in overcoming the hurdles of regulatory compliance.  At PSE we strive to build relationships, not just perform tests. 


  •  0 to 30 meter capabilities

  • Very low ambient noise floor

  • Dedicated diagnostic site 

  • Weather proof, air conditioned test enclosure

  • Close proximity to safety & telecom labs

  • Engineering team w/over 10 yrs experience

  • 8' turn table

  • Reputation for quality

-Over 15 years engineering experience at your fingertips


-Fast fixes on the fly or board level cost efficient product modifications


-Do-it-yourself site time available for clients with experience


-Not to Exceed quotation available for clients who prefer that PSE  handle the ENTIRE process


-A reputation for fixing the problems that other labs give up on


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